Guesthouse Guidelines 

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The Amani Guest House is located above the babies’ home and is available for our volunteers to stay in while they are serving with us. The shared accommodations are comfortable and convenient for volunteers, and we are happy to offer them while you are volunteering with us. Please look over these guidelines carefully to ensure you agree to abide by them. These guidelines help the guest house to be an enjoyable place of peace, rest, fun and fellowship while you are with us. You are welcome to find other housing on your own if you do not agree to these guidelines.


  1. No alcoholic beverages nor smoking

  2. Dress modestly (see the dress code on our FAQ page)

  3. Do not bring music, books or magazines that promote ungodly lifestyles

  4. No outside visitors without permission from leadership ahead of time. Approved visitors are only allowed in common areas; no one is allowed in bedrooms except those living in them.

  5. If the bathroom door is shut, please knock before entering

  6. Do not use other guests’ food, toiletries, etc.

  7. The internet is a privilege that Amani provides for our guests. A wireless network is available, and you are welcome to bring your own laptop.

  8. If you have complaints or concerns about the guest house, kindly address them to Amani leadership, rather than to other guests.


  1. Please pick up after yourself. Keep common areas free of clutter (bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining area). Keep your own things neat and orderly in your room to make it easier for cleaning.

  2. Clean up spills and all food remains after preparation and eating to discourage pests. It is best not to eat in the bedrooms. You are responsible for cleaning and putting away your dishes.

  3. Laundry service is provided. Our staff wash the clothes and linen by hand. You must provide the washing powder. Please wash your own underwear and items that will run colors or those that are delicate or precious to you.


  1. Turn off all lights and electrical outlets that are not in use.

  2. Treat furniture, appliance, etc with care. Please ask if you don’t know how to use or clean something. Do not lend or remove any items from the guest house under any circumstances.

  3. Use household items only for their intended purpose. Please do not waste cleaning products, toilet paper, etc

  4. Report broken or damaged items promptly. Replace as appropriate.