Once you have become a sponsor, please click the button below to review our Child Confidentiality Agreement. When the signature is received, you will be emailed the password to your specific child's cottage. 

The moment you decide to sponsor one of Amani's beautiful children,  you will be given the password to personal updates regarding your child, along with the other children in their cottage. 


Cottage A - 

Meet - Francis, Daniel, Mukisa, Louis, Joseph, Nathaniel, and Hadson




Cottage B

Meet - Babirye, Blessed, Brianna, Bridget, Cynthia, Justine, Nancy, Natasha, Nice, Rosie, Rukia, and Sarah.


Cottage C

Meet - Babu, David, Dominic, Edmond, Jimmy,  John, Joram, Michael, Silas, Solomon, and Wilber. 




Meet - Alana, Basham, Christopher,  Jordan, Joshua, Moses, and Valerie.